A suit is one of those garments that any elegant man must have in his wardrobe. Whether it is a first-class lounge suit, an elegant tuxedo or a classic morning suit, Èsclot London can make you a garment to match any moment.

Our suits offer a modern British cut which is made by using age old hand tailoring techniques and is delivered with a personal touch. The luxury of a Savile Row suit -from our ready to wear collection or individually tailored for you- creates a unique style statement.

Our exclusive store house offers a wide range of amorously crafted garments of unique quality and style. Our suits are complemented by a wonderful array of shirts, ties, shoes and other accessories that truly depict style and exclusivity.

Best suits start with premium fabrics. Our suits are made exclusively with premium materials. We combine the best materials and the latest fashion trends in one product and the rest is wonderful!

We offer three grades of tailored suits:

  • Machine stitched
  • Half hand-stitched
  • Fully hand-stitched

All of our suits starts with pattern creation, done by hand  by our trained Savile Row tailors, cutters and finishers, then retained for all future orders.

We believe in ease by offering appointments across London from our 12 Lime street  shop. Choose from hundreds of design permutations, a vast library of fabrics and co-ordinate with our spectrum of stylish linings to create your very own tailored suit.

We have those experience to give you best smart casual style on online site.